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I was thrilled to have owners Lauren & Lydia from Bourbon City Events join us on today's podcast. These ladies are a fabulous, local duo who plan, design and execute beautiful events; everything from birthday parties to full service wedding coordination.  Today, they share their "go to" etiquette tips for brides, services they offer and how weddings and parties have been affected by the Coronavirus and their tips on rescheduling those life events.

Carrie has a wonderful alternative that combines brides and homecoming queens and I have a recommendation for baby showers.  (If you're from the south, you'll understand.)

We also feature two seniors on today's podcast so be sure to give them a shout out.

Until next time.....sprinkle kindness like confetti y'all!



On the last episode, Carrie asked a great question about how long kindness will continue in this crisis.  Today we discuss small ways to continue showing kindness to those around us in trying times.  Whether it's social distancing at the grocery or dropping off care packages to family and friends.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for information on local Curbside Eats #Lexsupport project.  If you have or know a local eatery who would like to be featured let us know and let's show them our support!

This has been a tough year for those seniors we love so we are going celebrate them over the next several episodes. So, if you have a senior or know someone please send the following information to Robin at


1.  Seniors name

2.  Name of high school

3.  Plan for college

4. Something positive about them

Let's face it, it's been a hard few weeks for our world.   Cancellations of schools, travel, restaurants, favorite sporting events and the uncertainty we are all facing compound our anxieties.  Our children respond based on the way we react in crisis situations so it's important to give yourself and your children distance from the news and social media.  It's left me wondering; what if we use this time to catch up with one other and get reacquainted?  Today I wanted to share some activities that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your family.  Activities, that I hope, will become regular in your busy lives.

A meme showed up on my Facebook page this week and it said something to the effect, "Remember all of those restaurants you called on for charitable donations?  Now they need us."  That really hit me hard so I would like to introduce our new Facebook event, Curbside Eats #LexSupport.  We will be showcasing local restaurants and their curbside menus over the next few weeks or for however long we need to support our favorite eateries.  First up is one of my favorite chefs, Cole Arimes and his triple threat, Coles 735, Eppings on Eastside and Poppy & Olive.   

"It's a new one designed to combine specials from all of our restaurants - Coles 735 Main, Epping's on Eastside and Poppy & Olive - as well as offer discounted family-style servings and kids' menu choices to keep the whole family happy throughout the closures.
The menu is also on all three restaurant websites, so feel free to just send people to the websites if that's easier! Please let me know what else you need from me. We're offering curbside pickup at the 264 Walton Avenue location and also do delivery through DoorDash!"

Y'all!  Can I just say how excited I was to spend the evening with Chef Cole chatting about his "parent" friendly restaurant, Poppy & Olive.  During our visit, Chef Cole shares his vision for this amazing restaurant concept and services offered to parents and children helping to make everyone's evening out an enjoyable one.  From homemade playdough to pint sized bathroom facilities, he and wife Susan thought of everything.

I share some great tips on taking young children out to eat and what basic table/dining manners to begin teaching at an early age. 

Chef Cole and I have teamed up to offer an interactive table/dining etiquette class for elementary children on Saturday, March 7th.  Details can be found on our website at or Facebook.

Happy Monday y'all!  After last weeks state of the union, I thought it would be a great idea to get back to the basics of every day kindness. 

According to Merriam-webster dictionary, the definition of Kindness,  "The quality or state of being kind treating people with kindness and respect".  Did you know that being kind has major health benefits? Robin shares some great ideas for random acts of kindness.

We announce that we have a wonderful prom dress project going on for local high school students and are looking for help in naming this project.  Listen for where you can toss in your name for a chance to score some of our favorite candies from our favorite chocolate shop, Ruby's Chocolates! 

We welcome aesthetician and laser expert, Candace Pelfrey on the show to discuss skin care for the new year.  Candace dishes on her go to medical grade skin treatments and services and Robin gives a few important etiquette tips for future appointments.  We also discuss the "Big Game" on the first Sunday in February and Robin has some fun entertaining tips to share. 

It's a new year with new "intentions".  We dish on being kinder in 2020 and what's on the Suga Sweet List this Valentine's Day!

Join Robin & Carrie as they dish on everything for the holidays.  

Listen for tips on hosting formal and informal holiday parties from serving sizes to hiring help.  Robin shares her 12 days of Christmas Hostess gift ideas.

Robin quizzes Carrie on her "Make Thanksgiving Great Again" movement and shares some awesome ideas on how to show gratitude this Thanksgiving.

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