Let's face it, it's been a hard few weeks for our world.   Cancellations of schools, travel, restaurants, favorite sporting events and the uncertainty we are all facing compound our anxieties.  Our children respond based on the way we react in crisis situations so it's important to give yourself and your children distance from the news and social media.  It's left me wondering; what if we use this time to catch up with one other and get reacquainted?  Today I wanted to share some activities that can be adjusted to meet the needs of your family.  Activities, that I hope, will become regular in your busy lives.

A meme showed up on my Facebook page this week and it said something to the effect, "Remember all of those restaurants you called on for charitable donations?  Now they need us."  That really hit me hard so I would like to introduce our new Facebook event, Curbside Eats #LexSupport.  We will be showcasing local restaurants and their curbside menus over the next few weeks or for however long we need to support our favorite eateries.  First up is one of my favorite chefs, Cole Arimes and his triple threat, Coles 735, Eppings on Eastside and Poppy & Olive.   

"It's a new one designed to combine specials from all of our restaurants - Coles 735 Main, Epping's on Eastside and Poppy & Olive - as well as offer discounted family-style servings and kids' menu choices to keep the whole family happy throughout the closures.
The menu is also on all three restaurant websites, so feel free to just send people to the websites if that's easier! Please let me know what else you need from me. We're offering curbside pickup at the 264 Walton Avenue location and also do delivery through DoorDash!"
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